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African American Mental Health

How We Help with Minority Mental Health at Montevista Behavioral Health

It is important to understand that minority communities include many different populations with different cultural, personal, and historical views...

Minority Mental Health Awareness

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month July

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month July Unfortunately, the field of mental health is a domain in which minorities are...

Mental Health Awareness Month 2017

Mental Health Awareness Month 2017

Mental Health Awareness Month 2017 Since the year 1949, many have observed the month of May as Mental Health...

Military Children Challenges

Military Children Challenges – Keeping Good Mental Health

Military Children Challenges Military children challenges can be quite overwhelming at times. Depending on what branch of the military...


Alzheimer’s – In Home Care vs. Inpatient Care

Alzheimer’s Care Finding Alzheimer’s care can be a daunting task. Alzheimer’s disease continues to affect more than 5 million...


Seeking Professional Recovery Help for Veterans

Mental Health for Veterans Mental Health for veterans is something that everyone should take seriously. Military veterans have sacrificed...

Trusting Mental Health Professionals with your Children

Raising children can be a difficult task for even the most well-prepared parent.  The level of care, attention, sacrifice...

Help for Returning Veterans

How to get Substance Abuse Help for Returning Veterans

Statistics provide us with quantifiable data that enables people to make decisions on any number of things.  When applied...

Senior Mental Illness

How to Help Your Senior Parents with Mental Illness

It is always a difficult time of transition when the roles between parents and their children reverse as they...

Elderly Inpatient Help

Montevista Benefits of Inpatient Help for the Elderly

Elderly inpatient  help sometimes comes as a surprise to people when they realize that seniors can and do suffer from...

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