How to get Substance Abuse Help for Returning Veterans

Help for Returning Veterans

Statistics provide us with quantifiable data that enables people to make decisions on any number of things.  When applied to the realm of mental health or behavioral health, it can be useful in providing a larger overall picture of what is happening. In the case of military veterans, there has been a significant increase in the number of suicides within military ranks, both those who are currently serving and for military veterans as well.  In addition to a rise in suicide, substance abuse has been on the rise. One particular study of around six hundred veterans who were deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan found that almost 40 percent of these veterans were screened and involved in abusing alcohol.

The percentage of drug users is much lower, but it has still been increasingly significantly.  As the toll of long deployments in theaters of war throughout the Middle East continues to grow, we continue to see an expanding number of military veterans suffering from issues like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and thereby turning to alcohol or drugs as well. Another significant issue is the problem with veterans becoming addicted to opiate painkillers; the number of veterans who are treated with these types of vastly powerful painkillers are finding themselves becoming more depending on these drugs to dull their pain over longer periods of time.

Veterans returning from being on long deployments can often come back with serious medical and mental health problems. There are still problems with mental health stigmas amongst military members, although it has gotten significantly better over the past decade.  The most arduous of tasks is simply stepping up and admitting one has a mental health problem; that first step of reaching out to a mental health professional is the most difficult, but it can be the action that potentially saves a life.

Military members also need a strong support system, as well as a direction to turn to for treatment. Military veterans suffering from addiction or substance abuse issues should know what their options are once returning from duty.  Mental health facilities such as Montevista Hospital offer specialized treatment tracks for each and every service member’s particular needs.

In terms of substance abuse, consider these two options:

Medical Detoxification

Montevista Hospital offers a program that provides a medically supervised detox system, as well as providing relapse prevention tools. We have the ability to safely detoxify military service members and veterans for a wide array of substances, which provides them the opportunity to succeed moving forward.

Chemical Dependency Program

A specialized drug rehab program can be found here at Montevista, and it helps veterans who are experiencing issues with alcohol addiction, prescription drugs and other types of chemical dependencies that inhibit one’s daily life. For this program, it generally requires a stay of close to a month at the facility, but it can also vary depending on the veteran’s specific needs. We highly support family involvement in this process and also host a bevy of alcohol and drug counselors on-site, which can truly help make a difference.

Veterans can also reach out to get help at the Veterans Alcohol and Drug Dependence Rehabilitation Program, which can be reached at 877-222-8387.  Ultimately for those who are located in the Las Vegas, NV region, Montevista Hospital offers an extremely strong and well-staffed program that can make a difference. Contact us today for a free and confidential evaluation at 702-251-1371, and start the path towards recovery right now.

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