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What is case management and discharge planning and what do they include?

Case management and discharge planning is a time to work with a therapist or discharge planner to determine what your needs will be as you transition from hospital care back into your community and home. This will include scheduling outpatient services as needed, and seeking support services that are easily accessible to you.

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What is recreational therapy?

This group utilizes mediums of art, music, play and sports to assist children in identifying and expressing issues. These activities are designed to create an outlet for relaxation and socialization while increasing awareness of appropriate leisure time activities.

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What is group therapy like?

This is a discussion group lead by a program therapist that is designed to assist the patient in identifying and resolving the problem(s) which precipitated the need for their hospitalization. These are problems which, if unaddressed, will likely contribute to the individual having continued difficulty in less structured settings after discharge. This group encourages patients to see that they have choices to make on a day to day basis which strongly influence their lives.

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What is individual therapy and how does it work?

Individual therapy will be offered to each patient by his or her assigned program therapist. The program therapist will meet with the individual one-to-one working to establish a therapeutic alliance and encourage problem solving in a compassionate and supportive environment. In individual therapy, the therapist will complete a thorough psychosocial assessment of the individual and identify strengths and needs, and help the patient identify and work towards achieving his or her treatment goals.

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